Tuesday, December 28, 2004

So my mom put  one of my pictures in my journal today!....I dont really like it but for now its all i gots...oh well. My mom says i look 'so pretty' in it....but then...she is my mom  so she kinda has to say that...

I am very tired....i havent been able to get comfortable in my bed...why? Because apparently all the animals have taken to sleeping in my bed! 3 nights ago....our dog Paco (he is a great dane/ lab mix) decides he wants to lay in my bed...so i let him...well i fell asleep and then when i wake up...paco has taken up a little less than half of my bed (i have a twin size bed), and my moms cat Bella, is laying at the top of my bed taking up pretty much all of my pillow. The next night, my cat Cha-Cha (she got her name because when we were at the humane society getting ready to adopt her, she had to be in a room with Bella just to make sure they got along alright, and when they were playing she would back up and it looked like she was dancing...did that make sence?...well anyway thats how she got her name) decides well she wants to lay with me too, but she is very easily scared so i didnt want to  move my foot really fast or anything and scare her , so i wake up, and Cha-Cha has left, but there is paco, laying in her spot. OH! AND THEN!!!! last night paco lays down on my bed, but he lays on top of all of my covers, so i found the one that was the easiest to pull out from under him (i sleep with like 4 blankets...), and i start pulling the blanket out from under him...and i finally free the blanket (it was kinda hard...because he is about 90-100 pounds), and what does he do? He lifts his head up looks at me with his "umm...whats wrong with you" and flops his head back down on my bed. SO....i havent had the best sleep.

My brother asked me to set up another race car set for him there were only 2 left to set up, so i just set them both up. It only took me 2 hours and i didnt get a head ache this time. They actually played with the race car sets for 15 minutes this time.

Well im gonna go make an attempt to write a letter to Kris - who is one of  my moms' friends' kids. (got that?  lol)  So far i have made - i think... 4 attempts but every time i get side tracked because my little brother needs me to get him something or i remember that i needed to look up a website and i have to look it up before i forget..again...and so i click send later, but forget i clicked send later so it sits there for about a week and then i have to re-write the whole thing ....so wish me luck!


lacodered said...

lets see some good pics ^^^

lacodered said...

so u write in this now cool ryan good luck with everything and disregard that last comment you look very pretty and u dont have to change the picture, good luck

shdwpuppet425 said...

well i never saw th origional but in the new 1 ur hawttt
much love
<3 matt