Saturday, March 13, 2010


I had a complete blog worthy moment.

I haven't felt too important this past week or two.

Just upset in general. Drama with some of my family that just makes me sad. And the realization that I'm nearly 20 and I haven't accomplished anything very big with my life. I'm a babysitter. Who lives at home. My best friend is my mom and a 3 and 1 & a half year old. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but you know... You cant tell your mom about your sex life (or lack thereof) because thats just a little awkward, no matter who you are.

So anyways. The point of this blog. Is this little girl...

Today, we had a family party. I'm terrible at hiding my emotions. All it takes is one person, to say one wrong thing, And I have my angry face on. And it doesn't even have to be on that day. It could have been a week ago. And not even directed at me. Its not healthy. And I need to find a better way to deal.
So I'm standing there, with my angry face.
And Zely sees me, out of the many people around. And she runs up to me, and reaches up for me to pick her up. So I do, and she kicks her legs all excited, and she hugs me. And then her little face looks up into mine, and she says to me
and she kisses my arm. And she wiggles out of my arms, and runs to the living room screaming "go!" at the dog.
And in that moment, everything was better. And I had one of those moments where you are just so happy that you know life isn't all that terrible, and it could be worse. I could be homeless or something.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Its 1.....AM....

And I can not sleep.

Stupid sleeping pills.

But its ok because tomorrow is friday and I can sleep all I want.

My Looooovely, oh so awesome, Tia told me I better get to blogging so she has something to read while she's at work. Because who actually works at work, right? hehe

Only thing is I never have anything I really want to say here. Because its to easy to offend someone and then I'd feel bad. So, from now on, its a picture blog. If I have a picture that I really love, I'll post that, with the story that goes along.

That way I entertain my Tia (because I love you) and I get to brag about how good life really is sometimes.

Just something to keep me from dying of boredom. I guess.

This one doesn't have a story, she's just freakin cute.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I feel like I should start out my blog with ''Dear Readers,"
Not exactly sure why.

I went to take a placement test at SAC (our community collage) and I now have an official student ID. Whaaaat! Pretty badass, huh? I actually did really good on everything. Except math. I failed that miserably.
I kind of expected that though so I wasn't very upset over it.
Afterwards, Alaina & I went downtown to just hang out. I looooove downtown, that's where all the tourists are. I don't understand why people get so fussy over tourists. I love to see all the different people, and Imagine the kind of adventures they are having, the exciting feelings that come along with being in a new place. We went to the Rivercenter mall Where I found these...

And yes, I actually went to the hot topic website to look it up, just incase someone wanted to buy them for me. No? Fiiiine.
And I finally found my rose incense! Victorian Rose...Soooo pretty.
And Then we went to McDonalds, Its the dirtiest one in the city...Bet you didn't know that! I don't know why I always tell everyone that. You would think the most popular one would be the cleanest but nope...
I was going to buy a homeless guy a burger, But I forgot. Down town is also where most of S.A.'s homeless people hang.

I suppose I should go to sleep...I have to be up early, I'm going to breakfast with my Abuelito & Dad. Then to the thrift store.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Its been two months since I've posted anything...I actually had to look up my password.

I'm so tired. Its baby central over here, I have


Who tricked me into our relationship!! He's the sweetest boy when you don't really know him. But then once he's on that comfortable level, the little monster comes out. He's definitely entertaining though. If you tell him to ''pick up his booty" he does a little dance. I watch him everyday from 7-5...

And theres


Who is growing up :( I get her every wednesday, to give her grandma (my aunt) a break. She is sooooo freakin funny. My mom has these little people, they were toys of hers when she was little, and the kids absolutely love to play with them. Zely puts them on her finger, and then walks around going ''hi....hi....hiiiiiiii'' lol. And shes such a drama queen (what? Drama Queen, in THIS family? omg..).

But there is also


Who I visit any chance that I get. She's growing up too...That girl talks more that I thought possible "Ryan, i'm gonna have the party, and theres gonna be movies, and toys, and babies, and hugs & kisses, and toys, and all for me! And cupcakes! For me! Baby valencia, cause its my party" And on and on and on...My baby girl. She told her grandpa he could come, but he had to bring her a present. I couldn't stop laughing. Shes turning three, on the 19. I get to babysit her tomorrow I think..


You think that would be it. But nope, one more...

Thumper, my bunny. Is driving me absolutely insane. He needs to be fixed, but I havent found a vet that will do it. The last one I called was 200 dollars. For a free rabbit. Uhhhmmm...No? I can't afford that! Sooo I have to do some more calling around and see whats up. He keeps trying to mark his territory on my bed, He's succeeded quite a few times. Thank god for steam cleaners.

Thats really it.

I'm trying to get back in with Toys for Tots..It was always so much fun, I miss it.

Annnnd, My new obsession is making cupcakes. I learned how to make fondant :)

Thats it. I suppose you haven't really missed to much in two months, have you?