Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I feel like I should start out my blog with ''Dear Readers,"
Not exactly sure why.

I went to take a placement test at SAC (our community collage) and I now have an official student ID. Whaaaat! Pretty badass, huh? I actually did really good on everything. Except math. I failed that miserably.
I kind of expected that though so I wasn't very upset over it.
Afterwards, Alaina & I went downtown to just hang out. I looooove downtown, that's where all the tourists are. I don't understand why people get so fussy over tourists. I love to see all the different people, and Imagine the kind of adventures they are having, the exciting feelings that come along with being in a new place. We went to the Rivercenter mall Where I found these...

And yes, I actually went to the hot topic website to look it up, just incase someone wanted to buy them for me. No? Fiiiine.
And I finally found my rose incense! Victorian Rose...Soooo pretty.
And Then we went to McDonalds, Its the dirtiest one in the city...Bet you didn't know that! I don't know why I always tell everyone that. You would think the most popular one would be the cleanest but nope...
I was going to buy a homeless guy a burger, But I forgot. Down town is also where most of S.A.'s homeless people hang.

I suppose I should go to sleep...I have to be up early, I'm going to breakfast with my Abuelito & Dad. Then to the thrift store.

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