Thursday, March 11, 2010

Its 1.....AM....

And I can not sleep.

Stupid sleeping pills.

But its ok because tomorrow is friday and I can sleep all I want.

My Looooovely, oh so awesome, Tia told me I better get to blogging so she has something to read while she's at work. Because who actually works at work, right? hehe

Only thing is I never have anything I really want to say here. Because its to easy to offend someone and then I'd feel bad. So, from now on, its a picture blog. If I have a picture that I really love, I'll post that, with the story that goes along.

That way I entertain my Tia (because I love you) and I get to brag about how good life really is sometimes.

Just something to keep me from dying of boredom. I guess.

This one doesn't have a story, she's just freakin cute.

1 comment:

Toon said...

I just post cartoons now because I've mostly run out of words. Sometimes people feel cheated if you never say anything though.