Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Be VERY afraid.....



well....its coming to be that wonderful time of the month...oh yes....PMS....::dun dun dun...dramatic music::  this time it has been worse than usual. FIRST i got HURT!!!!!! THEN i became very witchy, i felt foul with just about everyone, so i asked my mom if she could get me some Pamprin (same thing as Midol....) and she burst out laughing....because you know its bad when you yourself ask for the Pamprin (or maybe you dont....)i didn't laugh then because like i said ...i was is  a bad mood. AND THEN i got REALLY tired, i was doing dishes with my eyes half open (by the way...not a smart thing to do...especially when you are washing knifes....). AND FINALLY my brain went crazy, one minute  im talking and then i stop talking for 10 seconds and completely forget what i was, my day hasn't been the best but oh well. And my brothers aren't helping ...all day...'hey ryan, will you make me this to eat, will you make me that to eat, when are you gonna make my food?? Can you get me something to drink? NO I DIDNT WANT THAT!!!! I'm not gonna eat that.."  GEEZ DO THEY EVER STOP EATING?!?!?!? And im changing my name, maybe that will make them time i told adrian i was changing my name to then he went around all day calling me ishboo....


oh you wanna know something funny? (well i thought it was funny anyway) i had taken a quiz in only of my magazines to see how bad my pms was (i tried to get mom to take it but she said she was afraid to...) well turns out my pms is  Pretty Bearable (out of the 3 choices 1.Problem Free 2. Pretty Bearable 3. Pure Hell) it says...."You definitely experience some of the usual symptoms- you've had the occasional migraine, mood swing or midnight snack attack. But for the most part, PMS doesn't put you out of commission. So far you have been able to deal with the aches and pains and you can usually keep your mood in check." mom laughed and said the most of the time im ''pretty bearable'' but then some of the time im ''pure hell'' (ha ha...).  


I finished reading the 10 books my mom and dad got me, all in one week. i am gonna ask my mom if i can look for some more books on-line, later.  


 My hands are cold....  


I'm starting to not like my s/n ChulaRyan....(chula is cute in spanish) i think it makes me sound full of myself, mom and dad say no it doesn't but i still think it does, but i cant change it, because it would be a pain to have to tell EVERYONE that i changed my s/n that and it what would i change it to? I'll just complain about it i guess.  


Ok im just gonna be quiet and put in a bunch of cilp art, im getting tired of talking. but i have nothing else to do....i think i will put the clip art in a different entry i'll save this one now and then make up a new one just for the clip art.... yea...that's what i'll do...  


::gives big eye roll:: this girl just IMed me ....

Her: Hi

Me : hello

Her: Whats up

Me : nothing, you?

Her: nothing, so what do you want to talk about?  


 That annoys me to no really does....if you yourself im the person....dont ask them what they want to talk about....just talk!!! If they dont want to talk about something they will say so, and if you dont know what to talk about...then think of somthing BEFORE you IM i sound mean? oh well.

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shdwpuppet425 said...

heyy ive imed u like that do u secretly hate me and ur new sn should be either
xxxawesome ryanxxx
or xxx17%emoryanxxx