Wednesday, June 1, 2005



 My 15th Birthday was AWESOME!!!!!!! Thanks a bunch for all the happy brithdays!!!!!!!!!!    



We went to the beach. Every year I say 'I want to go to the beach for my birthday' but it never happens, because it ALWAYS rains. So I would just give it up and we would do something else. Well you know what! I said ''we are gonna go wether it rains or not!!'' and wouldn't ya know it.....It didn't rain. While mom and my brother were getting ready, me my dad and Adrian went to the store to pick some ice and coke and, beach stuff basically. Adrian says to dad ''Dad, can I get this'' (holding up a water gun) dad says no. Adrian comes to me ''Ryan can I get this'' Dad started laughing, and I go ''um...Adrian...Dad just said no?'' and he says to me ''yea Ryan but its your birthday, you can do whatever you want!'' I laugh and say ''I can? hmmm....well...I would have to get one for Alex too. Do you love me?''  Adrian gives me a big hug and says yes. So I said that he could. Then We came home and I told mom what Adrian had done, and she laughed and said '' got the power'' And I burst out laughing and started thinking about power rangers (when I was little Alex used to be obsessed  with the power rangers so of course I know many of the theme songs. this is the only place I will admit shhh...don't tell anyone!!) So that was the joke the entire day....I had the power. So anyway we got to was a really nice day too. I was surprised by the fact that there was actually 2 decent looking guys there. I mean...uh...They looked like very nice boys! They looked about 18....sorry...anyway.....                               





So after the beach we went for dinner ....the ever so fancy....Taco Bell. Yea...that was what I wanted for my birthday dinner hee hee. There we came home and opened presents (I'll tell you what I got in a little bit) and had cake.Then when we went to bed...this huge storm came...lots of rain and some lightning. So I stayed up and read my book. I'd say this was the best of birthdays. My being the dork I am...of course took pictures of all the stuff I got!! (I might add...that maybe I shouldn't include photographer in my list of career ideas...)    

Once I dye my hair black (it looks black in pictures but it isnt) i'm gonna try and put green or blue in it and the batteries are rechargeable (sp?) cause dad said he was getting tired of buys me batteries for my cd player lol. and dad say they are gonna get me a computer...but they werent sure if i wanted cool is that!!!!!







On Sunday we Went to our neighbors for dinner. That was....well interesting.They had set up some video games for the boys, and offered to let me watch TV in the other room but I said no thanks. They have a lot of breakables....And by brothers will, well you know, break them, if not watched. So I hung out with them and read. I brought my cd player with me so it wasn't that bad.  Ms. R gave my some Jeans...2 of them I didn't like how they fit , but the 3 pair mom said looked cute. Toby (their dog...he is so tiny compared to our dogs!) apparently got protective over me because he tried to snap and Adrian when Adrian touched my arm. He got all upset and started crying (Adrian I mean, but  don't blame him....that dog has issues.) Anyway's, My dad was talking with Ms. R and she was saying how she She has a house that needed to be painted. They bought a house that they are gonna rent out or something like that I was listening to my music when they brought that up so I didn't hear the whole thing. Anyway's My dad says to me ''What do you say wanna paint the house? pays 24 dollars.'' and I look at them with a ''your kidding'' look and say ''an hour?'' (knowing that that wasn't what they meant)....they laughed at that and I asked how big the house was and if it needed to be scraped and all that or just painted. They said just painted...and the house is I think I may do it...depends on what dad says.  






WELL....i think that im gonna go start painting upstairs. Wish me luck!! 


astaryth said...

Sorry I missed your actual birthday, but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! Sounds like your birthday was wonderful.

white6416r said...

We like your journal. Hope that you keep it going.

                Dad and Mary

kdwsunshine said...

Sounds like you had an awesome birthday, and I am sooo glad that it didn't rain and you got to go to the beach. Taco Bell is one of my favorites, I would have chose it too!

gwatcdr said...

I am glad you had a good b-day.  I tols you mom that I would come over and sa happy belated birthday.  Nicki

chrisuab said...

Happy Belated Birthday!  Feliz Cumpleanos!  When are you going to get your permit?