Wednesday, August 3, 2005



I cooked today.  


Yup you read that right I cooked.  


All by myself to!  


 Mom comes up to me  ''you wanna make dinner?'' I am not sure if that was really a question lol but I said sure actually it was more like ''''.   I don't have a very good cooking history so I wasn't to eager to start cooking again. But I did. I made Fideo. It wasn't very hard to make, actually kind of fun. Everyone liked it to!! Well Adrian wouldn't eat it but then he never eats anything you cant put ketchup on....but mom and dad said it was good (I told them not to lie and say it was good to make me feel better) and Alex ate it....without complaining!! He ate 2 bowls of it! So now I am all proud of myself lol.    


 Just as we were finishing eating we hear a loud noise in the living room...I get up to go see what it was since I was already done. And as I get up I hear Adrian say ''a little help here'' I go into the living room and Adrian heard me walk in I guess and says to me ''if you laugh I hurt you''....I tried....REALLY hard not to laugh....I had to turn around and try to get a serious face on...there poor Adrian is stuck inside a box...arms and legs in the air holding up his drink...I guess he like went to sit on the box and fell inside it....It was way funnier than it sounds...I had to bite my lip really hard to keep from didn't work to well but I don't think he noticed...then I had to pretend I was coughing .... It was soooo funny...and my dad is in the kitchen cracking up, mom is a pro at keeping a serious face when things like that happen. Years of being a mother she says lol.

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rjet33 said...

Carrie is 13 and she does not eat anything without ketchup either, lol.  Poor Adrian.


P.S.  We have a tortie like yours.  Ours is named Prissie.  Her markings are very similar to your kitty.