Friday, November 25, 2005




I've got Elmo's song stuck in my head.  

Lalalala Lalalala Elmo's world....lalalala.....  

 Thanks mom.

  You know my grandparents have a neighbor, Elma...but when i was younger i used to call her Elmo...  

Anyways why am i talking about elmo?  

I'm going to go fix my hair now because my dad just threw a pillow at me and the clip fell out. Why does everyone pick on me? My friend Aaron says its because i am me. Well...ok....i guess i am huh? And Alaina says its because i can take a joke and never take anything seriously (little does she know i'm plotting revenge on when she was here...and Tyler to! I had the bruise on my arm for a week!) i guess thats true....i hate being serious, its no fun.

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