Tuesday, January 17, 2006



So this is a journal  

 My journal.  

I should probably write in my journal shouldn't I.    

 Though I have nothing to write about.....  

 well I FINALLY finished painting the bathroom!! woo hoo! go me. Not to brag or anything but I did an awesome job. hee hee. And now we start on the house, we started scraping and sanding. I cant wait for it to be done...we have just started and already I am tired of it.  

So far the only injuries i got are some bruises on my legs, i got a couple cuts on my finger, and i stepped on my finger (don't ask) so i'd say that's pretty good for me.  


ummmm....what else.....  


yeah that's really all i got. sorry.    


ooohhh I got one...  

Well as of now I'm slightly over the all american rejects. ok well not really its kinda hard to not like them (well for me anyway, i know plenty of people who dont like them) but i'm still mad at Tyson. and I am still in love with Sugarcult...matt made me this tag  




If you are a true sugarcult fan you would know that these are some of the lyrics to Stuck in America ....if you aren't well then you wouldn't know that.  

 And I am finally ready to admit, I LISTEN TO EMO!!! ::cries:: i know i know!!! It was a sad day for me to, but you cant help what you like. And really...emo isnt all bad, its the emotional side ofpunk, that's all (that makes me laugh....I'm easily amused.)  

well now that i have wasted about 10 minutes of your  time I'm off to my graphics journal.  


go visit my friend Matt's poetry journal, he's a very talented dude, he also has a graphics journal which I'll put in here in a little while (next month when I realize I should probably make an entry again)        Poetry of the puppet

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shdwpuppet425 said...

cuz im evil and dont wanna wait a months or 3 ill post my graphic journal myself ::evil laugh::
tis my journal