Sunday, April 30, 2006

Boredom. What a scary thing. I, being the queen of it, would know.
Nothing of interest to write about, I know I say that every entry.
I got a whole bunch of books'd think I'd be reading right now, but I'm trying to make them last a bit longer than last time...I'm running out of books to read. If anyone has any good authors for me let me know...i love the author Tamora Pierce as I'm sure I've said before, so any books like that....
I love Panic! At The know the lead singer is only 18? It could totally work.....did i already say that? I think I might have.
Well, now that I have posted this rather pointless entry, I'm going to go. I REFUSE to give into the boredom today! I...think....i just might go scrap book. You sounds lame, but it really is fun...I'll put in pictures of some of the pages I've done so far later...

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queeniemart said...

Scrapbooking sounds like fun to me....i have no clue how to do it and have always wanted to learn. I love the title of this have a great sense of humor.
Take care,lisa jo