Wednesday, June 28, 2006


So after a few hours of sleep. Yes. A few hours. We had one of the guys drive us to the train station and we took the train to London!! Being in London wasn't what I thought it'd be. It was great but you kinda don't factor in that even though its this great place, people actually live there, so there is a lot of new. And trash...why aren't there any trash cans? And did you know you have to pay to use the public bathroom? Not in all places but in some of them you did. Maybe with the money they make charging to use the bathroom they can get more trash cans cause people just leave their trash anywhere... I never understood how you can do that, just LEAVE your trash there. I hate when people do that, or when they throw it on the ground right in front of me. I make it a point when I see trash to throw it away, I don't see why its so difficult for people to. But anyway ok sorry, Well the boys in London really weren't that cute. I counted, there were less than 10. Well, you tend to pay attention to that while on a bus!  We mostly rode around on the busses, and we went on this cruise thingy on the river Thames. I kept trying to blend in and not look like a complete tourist and Debbie and Linda (mostly Debbie) kept being all "take a picture of me here! take a picture of me doing this! take a pictures of this and that!" OH and then the all time embarrassment?
"Take a picture of me putting in the money to go to the bathroom!!!"
Oh. My. God.
WHYYYYYYY. So much for blending in. Both me and Ali were shaking out heads. And then someone took pity and gave us 20 pence cause nobody had the money to use the restroom lol.
That was pretty much it, mostly sightseeing, figuring out where everything was, we stayed on the bus for the majority of the day. It was kind funny cause the things I wanted to see the most were ok, but the things I didn't expect to be that great, ended up being better than the things I wanted to see the most. Did that make sense? I'm sick, have pity on me.

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