Sunday, October 1, 2006

Guess what!


I felt like writing...though I wouldn't get excited. I have nothing interesting to say.
I won. Ha ha Matt. HA HA!
Mom went and got a perm. She looks cute, And she actually looks like my mother now...I have such curly hair, but Moms is straight and dads isn't really that curly cause its short. People always say "where'd you get your hair from?!" to me..So now Moms got my hair. I told her she should dye it darker ...I don't Come on mom! We'll dye it while dad is on his UTA!! ::giggle::...Wait...Does dad read this?
I did the kitchen floor. Basically the whole thing myself! I'm proud!! My dad would put leveler on the floor, cause I wouldn't do that part, and then the next day I would sand down the spots that needed to be sanded, wipe it down with a wet rag, paint on this "glue" or whatever (It was vile smelling. Mom made me put a scarf on ...I looked like I was gonna rob a bank I'm sure lol) And then I put down the tile. AND! I even measured and cut the tiles that needed to be cut. And it looks good to! Is it lame that I'm really happy about that? Oh well, I like the word lame anyway (I just sounds funny). Anyway's there is only a little bit left to do...under the dishwasher, Stove, and fridge. Then we are done and onto the next project. I'm hoping we can finish this week, but I dunno.
OH! AND!!! I got a whole bunch of books to read. It should last me till we move (assuming we still move before November...) So I'm happy about that. Normally it would only last me a month, but with all the work going on I'm normally to tired to read much anymore.
I'm gonna go read.


amy122389 said...

that floor rocked, dude...

emotastic?  ROFL


hestiahomeschool said...

I wish I could do a floor like should be proud!

shdwpuppet425 said...

I won. Ha ha Matt. HA HA!

?were we competing