Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I know something you dont know!!

I dyed my hair again..its a pretty brown.
I'm kind of sad...I don't really feel cool anymore. Oh well.
But. On huge, awesome, crazy news....My best friend in the whole pregnant!!!
After you get over the drama of it all, its great. Life is gonna be weird (I told her our sleep overs would be a bit different now and she cracked up), but there's nothing you can do except hype her up.
Yesterday was her sonogram. I went with her for support, which ended up in me and my aunt (Krissy is also my cousin) squealing and yelling "its a girl!!! its a girl!!!!" But it was fun. It was crazy to see it move and everything...We made copies of the sonogram pictures and me and krissy were all making fun of them...Clearly our maturity level is high.
^^^^ Her profile...doesn't it look like Shes got a Buddha belly?
^^^ her face....Krissy was all "why is one eye bigger than the other....omg my babys a freak!!" I was all "hahaha your having an alien!" "its a pirate!!"....we went on like that for a while ::giggle::
^^^ shes mooning you there. The lady was all "man...shes not even out and shes already acting up"
Right now all my aunts & my mom and jumping around singing "we got our baby!!"....Seriously, My Tia Terri was jumping around singing heehee. I'm gonna be a Tia...My aunt always told us that me & krissy were the sisters we never had. We've always been really its fitting that the baby calls me aunt...hee..."Tia Ryan!"
All this being said...CHRIS.....BRAIN ....Yeah, I read your comment in my moms journal. What are you trying to say, huh?!? Are you mocking me?? "Oh she cant get a guy so lets ask if shes pregnant"
...heehee..Only way that would happen is if it was the immaculate conception, Seeing as how the only guys I know are family, and you know, we dont live in one of those states. :-P


sharonna1955 said...

sounds like an exciting day .have a good night....Sue

brainwhispers said...

Those pictures are scary!

Over here, "one of those states" is Cornwall :o)

edwardssoapy said...

Hey Ryan,

I'm a new reader of your journal.  It's so nice to find a person my age here in J-Land!  Congratulations to your friend who's gonna be a mum.  Pop by my journal sometime!

Leigh :-)"

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Sounds like you are going to be a good aunt even if it isn't by blood...good of you to stand by your friend during this time..and looks as if you know she is young but that life must go on and the choices she makes in the future I am sure she will remember the positives and negitives of it...Keep pushing thru this life and have a great one girlie..wishing nothing but good for you and your friend!  Hugs,TerryAnn