Tuesday, January 11, 2005

i was bored ok?!?!

Well 2 days ago i had nothing to do...so i decided to give Adrian a mohawk with purple in it  lol....he LOVED it, i couldnt give Alex a mohawk becuase his hair is to short so i just put purple stripes in his hair.

The 1st picture is Adiain showing off his mohawk...i'm gonna have this picture printed out and send it to jennifer...i think she'd get a laugh outta it.

the second is still adrian showing off his mohawk

the 3rd is Alex, you cant really see the strpes but i thougth this was a funny picture of him

in the 4th you can see the stripes better, i dont think i did the best job, but he was happy anyway

and the 5 is me, after i did the boys hair and washed my own hair (mom says my hair looked perfect in this picture...maybe i would appreciate it more if i didnt have to go thru the PAIN of brushing it out!) and sat down to read.

It was a good book lol i just done with  it today and FOR ONCE it had a happy ending...lately the books i read always have a depressing ending, it was called 'Where Have All the Flowers Gone? The Diary of Molly Mackenzie Flaherty' It was a Dear America book...i just started to get into that series.

Right now im reading  'The Journal of James Edmond Pease, A Civil War Union Soldier' im only a few pages into it but its a good book so far. ok well now that i have shared my pictures i gotta go, dad needs the computer.


amy122389 said...

.....happy you liked the books, Ry... :)

shdwpuppet425 said...

i like that pic of you