Friday, January 14, 2005

A lot of nothing to talk about...


(my mom makes me alot of cool tags but i never get to use them so i decided i would start putting one in each journal entry....i had hoped the writing would come out bigger but this says 'some of my best friends are books')

Well not much goin on lately, dad satyed home from work today. So he took my mom to get her hair cut.

i woke up at 8 in the morning yesterday...which is very surprising cause i NEVER wake up befor 10:30!!

 Like i have said i have been reading ALOT (lol i have gotten way to many headaches cause of it to...but i say its worth the pain! lol) And last night my dad told me that i needed to go to bed and put my book away, so i said ok and put it on a shelf by my bed and dad started laughing and said..''well you arent gonna be reading it so why dont you go put it on your dresser"  and then i started laughing and said 'no its ok its fine where it is' and then he said ok (and we both new i would be up till 1 in the morning reading lol) so i got up to go to the bathroom and i come back and my dad is walking out of my room with this smile that he has whenever he is trying to play a trick on you and i say 'what did you do?!" and he goes 'nothing?' i say 'oh yeah right!" and i go look, he took my book! and then i call him over and he goes 'what do you mean its right here?' (and im not sure where he hid it, i think it may have been in his pocket) and showed it to me and i said 'uh-huh' with that 'oh sure' tone and he was still laughing so after he leaves i start inspecting my room trying to see what else he had taken....then i found it...HE TOOK MY READING LIGHT !! So i yelled 'HEY DAD!!! HAND IT OVER!!! WHERE IS IT!!!! I WANT MY LIGHT BACK!!!'   and he is cracking i wasnt able to read anymore....i told him this means war .....i havent figured out how to get him back yet.

Oh mom came home...her hair looks so pretty!!!! I just took pictures so i'll put them in laters.

So far since my late entry i have read.......

'The Journal of William Thomas Emerson, A Revolutionary War Patriot'

'Early Sunday Morning, The Pearl Harbor Diary of Amber Billows'

'Across The Wide and Lonesome Prairie, The Oregon Trail Diary Of Hattie Campbell'

'West To The Land Of Plenty, The Diary Of Teresa Angelino Viscardi'

And before i got on line i started a book called 'My secret War, The World War 2 Diary Of Madeline Beck' but im only a few pages into it.

Ok well is should go now, i have to go put away the dishes i washed.

OH!! i forgot to say!!! I got a letter from Whitney!!She was the first friend i made when we moved to florida (7 years ago), her dad is in the military also and they got sent over to Germany like 5 or 6 years ago, we stopped talking for a while but then i wrote her maybe 2 years ago and we talked for a while but we were both busy so we didnt wrtie much untill we just stopped writing each other, anyway i got a letter from her last night...She moved back to the states, she is in Texas now!! How funny is that, we might move there this summer!

Anyways now i will really say bye lol.

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