Saturday, January 22, 2005

Thats my room.



Nothing to write about today. I'm still bored.

I was watching VH1, the show motormouth.....i feel bad for those people....especially the ones who really think they can sing......

You know, i wish we lived close to a library. I told mom that when we move thoes are the only 2 things  i ask for, my own room (because i share a room with my brothers) and a Library near by that i can walk to or ride my bike to. 

I want to do some more volunteer work, i have fun volunteering. But i dont know where to go or what to do. I every now and then volunteer and my brothers horse back riding classes, but i dont like volunteering there as much, the horses scare me. They have a donkey there though, he is pretty funny. Anyway,  i dont know where i can volunteer.

My brother is annoying me..all day he is finding some way to bug me to death. For an i am making myself some tea, and my brother is sitting at the table getting a new game for is gameboy, and i forget what he had said but he goes

Him: Right Ryan?

Me: right

Him: right ryan?

Me: right alex

Him: right ryan?

Me: Yes alex



Him: Are you sure?

Me: Yes alex, i am sure.

Him: ok.

and then he just left!!! And just right now he comes in and starts kicking the desk and then leaves. You see!!! I am convinced that they both wake up in the morning and think 'hmmm how caniannoy my sister today?' , but thats the ever so wonderful joy of being an older sister i guess...



chasenkids said...

Having been the older sister myself.... I feel your pain! lol  (It is the same thing when you are a Mom as well!)


shdwpuppet425 said...

u have more stuff in a corner than in my entire room
and its better than kicking ur legs