Sunday, January 23, 2005

whats my personality?



I took a few personality quizes and this is waht is got....

The first one was what type of queen i would be like, and this is what they said....

Queen Elizabeth
Your friends rely on you to keep the peace? Do you see things from all sides and encourage everyone to talk things through before making a decision? Sounds like someone's a natural born diplomat, just like Queen Elizabeth the 1st of England . For 45 years, from 1558-1603, Elizabeth (a.k.a. Good Queen Bess) worked to bring together her divided realm. Much to the chagrin of her ministers, Elizabeth never married but she did use her many proposals as a means to negotiate alliances with various countries. In fact, what some called her indecision, others called prudence. So the next time someone hassles you about taking your time or being "passive", you can remind yourself that one of the most successful queens in history shared your instinct to reserve judgment. Then ask yourself, what would Bess do?    


How cool is that?!?! (im obssesed with england, so thats why i think its cool....) the next one is....    


Whats my sense of humor?  


Your sense of humor is absurd


does nonsense make sense to you? Then absurd comedy might be your fish. Did you know that there is actually a word that means "saying something totally illogical"? It's called a "non-sequitur" and comedians use them to abruptly confuse or surprise you. In fact, some people like director Terry Gilliam and comedian Steven Wright invent entire imaginary universes in which logic is rewritten to include "cordless extension cords" and people who can "levitate birds." Although some people might think your sense of humor is merely nonsensical or silly, it's actually quite clever. You need to know the laws of logic before you can break them. And we think you're criminal.  


and another quiz says....  


What color is your personality?  


 You're a cool and collected blue... According to color psychology, you're the very picture of serenity. You're probably great at keeping calm and clear-headed when others are freaking out, and while you tend to avoid conflict, you're not easily taken advantage of. Your honesty and kindness make you a great friend and probably a magnet for anyone seeking advice or a different perspective.


I dont know if thats me or not...i dont think so...but w/e.

Not to much happened today. Took santa down from the roof (well actually ...he fell off the roof and was just hanging by a cord lol). And gave the dog a bath...that was fun lol. He HATES taking baths, so its an event to try and get him in the tub. Usually the way it goes is....i put towles on the floor so its not to bad to clean up after i'm done. Then i call him...he usually gets halfway down the halway before he relizes where i am and runs back into the room he was laying down in. so i go to the middle of the halway and call him again, he comes with his ears down. I get his collar and lead him to the bathroom, then i close the door otherwise he trys to run lol. Then he sits at the farthest end of the bathroom , i call him in that baby voice you know? and he comes with his ears down becuase he knows what is gonna happen. Its bath time. then i have to put my arms under his arms and lift him up into the tub because he lays down and wont move. so after the 3rd try i finally get him into the bath tub but i have to get in the tub with him, becuase he wont move he just stands there so i can never wash the other side of him unless im in the tub. and after im done he jumps out, and shakes all the water off, but ends up getting the ENTIRE bathroom wet. So by the time we are done...the bathroom is wet, my clothes are soaked, and paco is running all over the place getting everything wet. This time he actually wagged his tail while he was in the shower....which never happens. So, today was fun.

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