Sunday, February 20, 2005

A car accident



My parents got into a car crash on the 14th. What happened was they were going to the movies for Valentines day, and so they come to an intersection, they have a green light, and this lady just turns right in front of them and they crash.    


 Mom and dad had to be taken to the hospital to get checked out. They way I found out was before my dad went to the hospital he came home to tell me (his friend Ray drove him), I told him to hurry up and go to the hospital because he was holding his chest, he told me he wanted me to clean up the house some because our neighbor was gonna come over and stay with me. So I cleaned up the house some  Well our neighbor got here and we went to her house instead. By about 2 in the morning I told them I wanted to come home.    


So I called my dad to make sure everything was ok. He was fine he just bruised up his chest pretty bad. My mom on the other hand had to stay and the hospital because her lung collapsed about 30 or 40 %. They had to stick a tube  in her so that the lung would take its shape again. Her knees we really bruised also. My mom finely came home last night. she is doing great (well she's been better...). She isn't able to move around much, because her neck really hurts. They said that it was whiplash but she is gonna go to some other doctor just to make sure it isn't anything else.    


Its great having her back home...I have been spending most of my time with her. It was kinda funny this afternoon because mom is laying down, and i'm laying down on the bed, and paco's laying down on the bed, and then the cat comes and lays right next to mom. The animals missed mom a lot. Bella would just lay there and meow, it was sad. But like i said...shes home!!!!  


 My dad cant really move that much either, because his chest really hurts. I told my dad something that made him laugh , I have never appreciated mom more than i have now, cause while she was gone i took over a lot of the house responsibilities, and boy....she does ALOT every day. Laundry (i had to do that because i ran out of places to hide all the dirty clothes....ha ha j/k), Dishes, cleaning, taking care of the animals....taking care of my brothers (and that in its self is a 2 person job ha ha!) I didn't have to cook because dad brought home food most of the time mom wasn't here ( i miss moms cooking, lol!) . But yeah i am soo gonna try and help out around the house more. When i told mom she just smiled and said ''i know it'' lol.    


The car is gone though, we had to get a new one so i was helping dad look for a new car. We got a white 97 Dodge Intrepid.  


So now everything is back to normal (well....not really...but you get my point...everyone is home), and i can finally sleep! I havent been able to sleep these past few days because of whats been going on.    


 Ok...well im gonna end the entry now, im gonna go see if my dad needs help with the car (he is checking it out making sure nothing is wrong with the car) SO i'll ttyl  

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dababysback said...

glad that your mom is home and that things are better. I am 21 and never realized all my mom did until I moved out on my own with my 3 year old. Keep on helping out girl! follow thru with it!