Friday, February 25, 2005



 ( dont suck...but i love happy bunny!)      




  i got to the bottom of the laundry!!!! yeah!!! i rock....yea...ok ...anyway....I got some laundry done (alot...but i still have to fold it...bleh...i hate folding...i guess it isnt that bad because what i do is get all the clothes i have to fold, throw them on the couch, and sit there with my headphones and listen to music while i  fold) And then yesterday i got all the dishes done. I think tomorrow i am gonna try to clean my room. Mom is doing better now, she still hurts but she is able to walk around at stuff. Dad had to go back to work it was cool having him hone everyday for almost 2 weeks!       


 i've decided to cross off doctor or nurse as possible career choices.      


 Our neighbor fell yesterday, and called for me to come over hand help her. She is like 43 i think. She was cleaning and slipped on something and her side hit the end table. So i went over there and got her an ice pack and helped her get on her bed (her bed is pretty tall and she wasn't able to move much.....she bruised up her side pretty bad) and my dad found her some pills to help the swelling and then dad went home and i hung out with her until her daughter could get there. we watched friends and then a movie.      


 then i came home and had to play a game of yu-gi-oh with my little brother. My dad bought my adrian a whole  bunch of yu-gi-oh cards (he felt bad because adrian wanted to play a game fo yu-gi-oh with some kids at the park but he didn't bring his cards so the kids said no. and adrian was all 'oh man ryan, i knew i should have brought my cards' i felt so bad for him!!.) so now i am forced to play the game. im 14 and im being bossed around by a  6 year anyway i dont mind sometimes, its funny because i know nothing about the game so i will put a card down and he goes (he rolls his eyes first then sighs) " NO RYAN!....that is NOT how you play, you have to put THIS card HERE and then THIS card over HERE.....i told you this already!!" i try not to laugh cause he gets mad when i do but its hard not to! ok well i gotta gonna go try to fold some clothes...adios  

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amy122389 said...

ugh...R-YAN!!!  When will you learn to play YuGiOh RIGHT?!?!!?  ::giggle::  did I ever tell you you're an awesome sister?