Sunday, February 27, 2005


                                              (i love dolphins)


 i forgot to say that a few days ago we were driving along the water (ocean) and i saw some dolphins!! they were just playing around jumping up from the water! it was cool.  


 the past few days my cat has been demanding my right now...she is sitting on my lap....well laying actually, and demanding that i pet her instead of type (its hard to type with one hand!) she is also clawing the side of my leg....not fun....AND getting cat hair all over my shirt and pants (thats ok still in my pajamas lol)...aww but she is jsut so cute...she just looked up  at me with her little kitty face (she is 6 and still has a kitten face) and she is purring. Then a few nights ago i was laying down on my side and i had my arm across my pillow and she came up and flopped down next to me put her paw over my arm and put her head in my cute!?  


 anyway life is slowly coming back to normal, well sort of. dad took me and my brothers to the book store yesterday....they got a book on the ninja turtles and finding nemo. i got the third mediator book and another one of meg cabots books. mom is feeling a little better...she is able to walk some but she says it still hurts bad. dad is still kinda hurting to so they both took some pain pills and are watching tv right now.  


 guess what!!!!!! I changed spark plugs on the car! lol, of course....if they got cross threaded and mess up the car (i think that's what happens....i dont remember what my dad said about that...i just remember him telling me to make sure they didn't get cross threaded) was my i did a good job.    


 anyway i guess i will go for now....its 2:30 and i should probably put someregular clothes on so im gonna go see if my clothes are done in the washer.....then im gonna go read....i love books....

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