Saturday, February 12, 2005

not to much to talk about........



not to much of an entry today....    


 I worked upstairs today. I'm filling in all the cracks in the wall (and let me just say....there are AOLT of them! I think because the house is so old and then also they type of wood that they use to put up for the wall wasn't so great, well not for that big a wall anyway.) I have putty stuff all over my finger nails and it wont come off! Maybe if i use nail polish remover? Well anyway after i finish that then i'm gonna paint the walls (just with primer doesn't isnt sure how good i'd be with the real paint...and to be honest i don't either!! I'd probably mess it up some how!....actually lol....there is no probably! I'm clumsy so i'll find a way to mess it up! You can count on that lol!) So far it isn't that bad...(well aside from the whole putty on my nails...its getting annoying...its a good thing i didn't just paint them, my nails i mean, !!) I have (or had) my music pretty loud so i cant (or couldn't) hear anything else (mainly my brother running up and down the hallway screaming ''ahhh mom Alex is gonna get me!!....ahh mom Adrian wont stop bugging me''..... they must go to annoying little brother meetings or something lol... still its kinda funny to watch them annoy each other sometimes.) and i kinda just forget what im know what i mean? Like you're still fixing the wall but you don't really pay attention...your off in your own little world?....Am i making any sense?  Oh well.    


 I got the new Sugarcult cd 'Palm Trees And Power Lines' rocks but im not sure which one i like the most. Start Static or Palm Trees  And Power Lines.    


anyway, i'm gonna go see if nail polish remover will take off the putty stuck on my finger nails...i should have put gloves on!

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