Wednesday, March 23, 2005




Finally able to put in a journal entry!! yay.  


I've been pretty busy lately.....I finally started working upstairs again (the upstairs is kinda like one big room) . First i have to fill in all the cracks in the walls (because the people who built the house used bead board on the walls....but they didn't pay attention to (or they didn't know how) the way they were putting it on the there are all these cracks in the wall) with caulking.  Which i FINALLY finished!!!! yesss!!!!! And then now i have to scrape off all the old paint on the walls, once im done with that i have to prime and paint it and i'll be done!  


My mom dyed her hair black...she looks so cool. I was telling her next time we go to the store i'll get purple hair dye, and put some purple streaks in her hair (the wash out stuff of course)  


 I got a letter from my uncle Jacob yesterday, so that was really cool. He said that he might come down to visit us in may....that would be cool....i havent seen him since i was...7 i think. He is 20 i think.  


That's really all that's going on around here. We might move in the summer. I hope so. Florida is great and all...but it just isnt for me.

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