Thursday, March 31, 2005

Yes......I realize i have been neglecting my journaling duties ......but i didn't really have anything to write about. Well, i do now.  


 Lets see.....  


On Saturday we had our Easter (we did Easter early this year because it was supposed to rain on Sunday) Which was a lot of fun. We did the Easter egg hunt. Yes....i still take part in the easter egg hunt lol. I only do it because we dont use regular eggs. No, we use cascarones. If ya dont know what those are.....they're eggs that are filled with confetti. And after the whole egg get to crack them on peoples head....hee hee hee.... So even though i may be too old for the whole Easter egg hunt....there are few things better than cracking an egg FULL (yea...i fill them all the way to the top....the more confetti...the more confetti that gets stuck in your hair and of course there's the second part!) of confetti on your brothers head. Although....this year the teamed up against me....adrian would pull me down so he could reach my head....then as soon as adrian got me with an egg alex would come in right after adrian and get me with another egg! That's ok though.....i'll get them back next year!!  


The pictures are.....  


Dad grilling  


Mom....doesnt she look cool with black hair?! cute is he (but dont be fooled.....he is still an evil little boy ;-P )


  Dad trying to get me with a cascaron....i couldnt out run i had no choice but to let him get me with an egg  


Yea....of couse my hair was completly and totally messy by the end of the day  


 We saw an armadillo!! Weird huh? It was cute though......we also saw dolphins!  


And then the last 2 are what a cascaron looks like when its done, and before you put the confetti in it.    


And then on Sunday me and my brothers got into a big water fight. We were working outside cleaning up the yard and stuff. And Adrian got the water hose and got me soaking wet.  i got him back though....when he wasn't paying attention i got the water hose and just as he went to turn around ...i got him completely soaked. Then he screamed 'ryan!' at which point alex came over to see  what adrian was yelling about....then i got needless to the end of the day we were all wet and cold and full of dirt.          


 I cleaned up a little bit....My room was a disaster i cleaned that up a little bit....its still a disaster area....just not as bad lol. And i did some laundry and some dishes. The boys actually listened to me today!!! Something must be wrong with them. I told them to sit down and watch a  movie (Spy Kids 3) and they did!!! They were quiet the entire movie!!! Like i said.....something must be wrong with them. But im not gonna question it lol...they are still watching the movie quietly (this is the 3rd time they have watched  


 I had to also work outside today.....burning all the leaves and tree branches that had fallen.  


And of course....i saved the best for last!! Well not really. I got a letter from one of my friends the other day. It LOL....I wont go into detail....for the most part it was boring....she talked about her and her boy troubles. And music that she thinks i should listen to. There were a few parts where i was like ''mom how much does therapy cost?'' .....or ''ok where is the bleach...i need to wash my brain out''. Needless to say.....right now im trying to avoid all subjects except music and clothes. Those i figure are two safe subjects, i think.  


ANYWAYS!!!!! i should go....i am gonna go take a shower and watch the movie Lloyd. Has anyone ever seen that movie? that's one of my favorites......i love the dance scene in like the middle of the movie with the mexican music.                                                                                           (how awsome is this graphic!!!? 

                                                 Thank you, Jessica K.)  

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