Friday, April 8, 2005

a puppy!!!!!!!!!!


Guess what!!! We got a puppy!! A golden retriever! He is 9 weeks old. And we named him Gordo.  

  Gordo playing with my dad.    

 My mom and Gordo    

 Hes to cute!....thats his favorite toy    

 ''food? food?!?! im hungry!!!''   ...Gordo at dinner time lol    

 It was a long day for him lol....      

He is the cutest thing. I didn't think a puppy would be so much work though!!  First he runs over here...then hes over there...then he is back over here. And someone has to always be with him unless he is sleeping to make sure he isn't going for any shoes (i put my shoes in my trunk so there is no way he can get or anything else he shouldn't be getting into. I have to make sure he doesn't try to go for my books.... He tried to go for my pig (the big stuffed one that is sitting on a high table now ) but i caught him before he could do any harm lol.    

 At first i felt kinda bad getting a puppy, because it is really hard to find a rescue golden puppy. And we have always gotten i felt kinda bad not getting a puppy in need. BUT we found out that Gordo...had gotten into a ant pile...and the bit him all over his face and ears so he needs some special care and extra that made me and my  mom feel was all ''a puppy in need!! mommys here!!'' lol. Dad was really dad has wanted a golden retriever since forever!    

 ok well anyway....i have to go....Gordo just peed on the floor....atleast he didnt go on the

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