Monday, April 11, 2005



 Howdy......I got another letter from Jacob 3 or 4 days ago!  That was really cool.  He sent me a picture too,  he looks so much older.  And ok, well he is older, but still.  


Today me and my brothers went outside and washed the car.  which of course turned into this big water fight lol.  First i got my brothers soaking wet when they werent paying attention....and then while im laughing Adrian comes behind me with the bucket of soapy water....and i don't really have to say the rest do i? lol, yea well i didn't have to take a shower today!! ha ha ha. And then i got Alex with the bucket of soapy water....only he had the water he got me back.  


 that's really all thats  going on with me.  


 Gordo is WAY more work that i thought a puppy would be....hes funny today i took Gordo outside so he could go, and after he goes he is just running around the yard.....and we have this big leaf pile, because we havent gotten around to putting all the leaves in bags yet....and Gordo does a dive into the leaf pile...yea, so now i have to rake up all the leaves again lol. He didn't really destroy the pile THAT bad....but the leaf pile is almost sort of flat


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amy122389 said...

Yeah, that thing he has going on with the leaves is pretty funny....hee hee...