Monday, April 18, 2005



nothing to really write about today.    


Got a letter from my cousin (i write a lot of letters dont i....).  That was cool, he is over in Texas.... He didn't really have that much to say. But it was still cool that he actually wrote.    


 I'm not feeling to hot head hurts (yea ryan, your head hurts...lets make it better by getting on the computer!!!), and im dizzy.  And tired.  But i dont want to go to sleep.  I want some tea.    


 Oh i got to talk to Jacob yesterday!  That was cool.  I had sent him a link to my journal and he said that the picture of me was a good picture, which is kinda funny, cause i was complaining to mom that i didn't like it not to long ago lol.    


 Gordo is a very weird dog.....i'm laying on the floor today, watching tv ....and all of the sudden...Gordo comes from behind me, lays on my back, and starts biting my scrunchie holding up my hair.  Then he tried to start i turn around and pick up the dog so he would stop pulling ...and i had to call for my mom because he wouldn't let go of the scrunchie in my hair.  So what did i learn today?  sit on the couch from now on.    


 I started working upstairs again today.  Scraping off the paint.  Its hard, but easy at the same time.  After a while your arms get tired.  And i forgot to say, I'm getting paid for this!!  50 dollars!  So it isn't like i'm doing all this work for nothing!!  It is fun though.  once im done with the scraping which will probably be in 3 or 4 days if a work on it every day then i get to paint it.  After im done with the entire upstairs then i think we are gonna start working on painting the house.    


Ok well i'm gonna go make some tea!

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