Tuesday, May 24, 2005



 you know really...as if I don't ALREADY need therapy. Today me and my dad are outside working on the yard....when our neighbor comes over to say hi. I don't really like her, for various reasons....I guess she means well and all but she is very old fashion and is very bossy. So anyway she comes over to me and I guess in what was supposed to be a whisper says  


Her : Hi honey, What size bra are you?  


Me : ::raises eye brow thinking WHAT THE....OK WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME THIS?!?!!?!?!:: and I wait a few seconds to see if she is really serious....apparently she was. So I told her (because I was scared if I didn't she would ask me to look at the tag or something....it wouldn't surprise me) and she goes  


Her : Oh cause I bought a bra the other day but I got the size wrong  


 then proceeded to tell me what size she was. Which was really to much info for me....when she left my dad started laughing...I am still grossed out!                                           




                          So with this being said, how much does therapy cost again? lol.                                                     




tzarbaleihayim said...

WOW your neighbor did that? I would be so embarassed.


amy122389 said...

I'm telling you, Ryan - - she's not right....  ew...  and in front of Dad?!  geez.... you should have said 'I don't know, I still wear undershirts.'  ROFL