Monday, May 23, 2005




We went to the beach Sunday.....which was awesome. We brought along the dogs....Paco wasn't to fond of the water...but Gordo was loving it. Mom said that he was swimming but I missed it! We got some pretty good pictures...  


Mom and the wasnt a comfortable ride i said...he LOVED the water  


 Adrian....trying to get over to alex so he can hit him was funny cause like a minute after this picture adrian came from behind and flipped him over  


Momma with the dogs.  


Gordos all ''come on....the water isnt that bad!!''  


Adrian again  


 Paco saw another dog...and gordo didnt notice the other dog yet so he is all ''what ?what? what are we looking at?!''  




Me and the boys.  


Dad and my brothers  


i laugh every time i see this one...its so funny he is all ''im telling mom!''  


Mom and my brothers  


Gordo.....very tired!  


Paco  looks so funny in this one!                                                          




 In a week.....I will be 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I survived the whole ''oh but its your 15th birthday!! Aren't you gonna have a quincenera'' I didn't want one for these reasons:                                      




1. I don't know enough people...And it looks difficult pretending you know your cousin's best friend's boyfriend's brother.

2. I don't want to have to dance with my cousin's best friend's boyfriend's brother. I don't want to have to dance period. In my 14 years of life I have done well in avoiding dancing.


 4. Do you know how much those things cost?! I'd rather take the money and go to Key West with a friend!    


  I got a birthday card from my Abuelito and Abuelita today. They are the 2 people (aside from my parents) you can count on to ALWAYS remember your birthday. This year since its my 15th b-day they gave me 50 dollars!! I decided I was gonna save the money, for when I go to England. They sent me the card in Spanish which I thought was cute....cause they said they would try and help me with my Spanish by writing to me in Spanish.      


Anyway....I guess I should go, I have to hurry and finish up some other things on the computer. Cause my brothers are about to have a fit cause they want to be on the computer.....                                                    





                                (P.S......thank you for the comments in the last entry!!)

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Hi My mom reads your mom's journal and sent me the link to yours and I really like your journal.