Friday, May 20, 2005



I'm tired. And I don't feel good. My arms hurt. And my back hurts. My feet hurt. And I want some more coke to drink ( I was deprived of it for a whole day yesterday!), but I don't want to get it.      


 I got done scraping the walls upstairs!! And I just today finished Painting the walls with primer. My once black painted nails..and now smeared with white primer, And I have paint all over my jeans. But I got it done!!!! I painted the ceiling also (which is why my arms hurt). I want to poke the people that built the upstairs with a sharp stick. Repeatedly. I have decided....there will be NO bead board in my house, I MIGHT make an exception, But if I do....the room the  bead board is in better be small.  Anyway, now I just have to paint it the colors mom picked out and I'm done. I think it will be easy, but that's what I said when I started this project isn't it....                                                



 Yesterday I caught Gordo with one of my was so cute to, he had one of the shoe laces in his mouth and the shoe sitting nicely right in front of him. Then he saw me coming and ran down the hallway. With my shoe. He still has the shoe by the shoelace, and he is dragging the shoe along side him. It was funny.      


 Dad and my brother Alex went to the movies, the went to see the new Star Wars...I want to see it when it come out on DVD. That and I was not in the mood to make myself presentable to the teenage public today (cause its current all my peers are at the movies). That's one of the reasons I don't like going to the movies...everyone is always staring at you!!! I always get really self conscious, and today I didn't want to deal with that. So I stayed home. You know what though.....I think I liked  Hayden Christensen (I hope I spelled that right) better before he went to the dark side....I dunno though, I haven't seen enough to make up my mind.                                                  




And then something for everyone to laugh at me about....I'm a spaz. And a dork. Last weekend,  my brothers were REALLY bugging me, so mom said to get Gordo and go lay in her room. (because it was around the boys bed time anyway). And so I'm laying there watching TV....when I see out of the corner of my eye  something crawling on the wall....I jump up....and there was a lizard in the room. '' MOM !!!! WHERES THE CAT?!?!?!'' mom is all ''why?! what's wrong?!'' me ''THERESA LIZARD!!!!!!!'' mom...''oh ok hold on'' so then mom hands me the cat and goes back and sits down in the computer room. But just at that time...Gordo pooped  on the floor. me: "AW MAN!!!! NO!!!! Well.. never mind have to wait then''   while the lizard is hanging out behind moms I deal with Gordo... (keeping an eye out to make sure the lizard doesn't come for me or anything....I don't like lizards....with a passion....but I wont go into that story) And I go and fine Bella again...I pick her up...and she is clawing my in the arm and trying to get away....I get up on moms bed and slowly move the nightstand. When all of the sudden....Bella stops clawing my and gets her crazy I let her go...she chases the lizard behind the nightstand the around it and then to Paco's bed, and the lizard goes under Paco's blanket. So I go BEHIND Bella (cause the lizard cant get me if I'm behind her!) and rip the cover they go again. then it goes under the blanket again. so I get a cup, and pull the blanket up, Bella goes after it, and up the side of the bed they go AND start to turn around and stat coming MY way!!! I let out a slight scream and jump on moms bed again, then I lean forward and put the cup over the lizard. ''YES''  then '' UH...MOM...can I have some paper please'' she was already over there (laughing at me I might add) when she heard the slight scream. so I set the lizard free (well I don't like them but I wasn't going to kill it!!!) when I realize.... ''oh gross!!!'' mom says to me ''what?'' and I say ''ok.... well the lizard is free but it lost a tail'' mom laughs ....and I start cracking up because I realize that Bella is still in the room....yeah....she found the tail. She was trying to eat it, so I picked her up and gave her praise for being such a good girl and helping me catch it...she's all ''yeah whatever where did you put the lizard?!''  so I got rid of the tail and went back and watched TV ...and I could still here my mom laughing in the computer room. My dad was on his UTA then, if he wasn't I would have made him get the lizard.  




10 more days if you don't count today or may 31st (my birthday)      


(and in replay to the comment in my last entry....did you kow that cops is on at one in the morning?.....LOL)                                            



my78novata said...

yeah I can see your mom and you doing that. Thanks for sharing that funny story. Its hilarious. Too bad you dont have some pics. LOL

alilcountrycharm said...

OMy Goodness Ryan! ROFL...I'm so cracking up! I can just picture you in there with the lizard and cat! Don't worry though, the lizards tail will grow back, I used to have 3 of them in my BK (before kid) days. Then I got rid of them because they carry salimonila(sp?) Yeah, us ohioans keep them as pets!

smjr43 said...

Lots o'lizards in Alabama too!  Good thing we have three cats, huh?  :)

chasenkids said...

Psst.... no lizards in Alaska. ;)