Sunday, May 15, 2005



So I found out why mom is feeling like crap. Aunt Flow. ::scary music:: You know what I seem to notice. That every time my mom gets a visit from the evil dad is on his UTA......hmmm....I think he plans it this way. Last time he had his UTA, I pointed this out to him....he laughed and said ''well no its not planned but it does seem to work out that way a lot huh''.  


I've got a head ache that WONT go away! And that whole ''trying to get most of upstairs painted this weekend'', yea, so not gonna happen.  


 Got a letter from my cousin. I found out his dad lives on a ranch (they are in Texas) and has a bunch of animals!! 5 pigs.....some rabbits, goats, turkeys, a rooster. Then his uncles has some cows and I think 5 bulls. I think that's cool. He said that if I ever had any animals questions that I could ask him....he is gonna be tired of my asking so many questions about pigs (cause I'm sure I have said many times, I want a pig.).  


Anyway.....I guess I'm gonna go watch TV. Or I'll do something useful.....hmmm.....  


amy122389 said...

ick..why do something useful?  pop some popcorn and find a rerun of COPS, for petes sake!

~Mom  :-P

alilcountrycharm said...

Ohhhh....That's why your mom has been so emotional with migraines this week!! I should have known...hehe
You'll get that painting done...I have faith in you  ;o)