Saturday, May 14, 2005



 I havent had and entry in a while have i.....  


Nothing new is happening here...I finally started painting the upstairs. I had to scrape it again! Although i cant really complain about that, cause it was my own fault for waiting so long to paint it.  Anyway, i'm gonna try and have at least most of it if not all of it done by tomorrow.  


Mom isnt feeling good. I'm not sure why. I know that her back hurts, her knees are hurting  also. I cleaned the kitchen yesterday and made food for dinner , which made her feel somewhat better i think.  


Yesterday i had went to the store....and while I'm getting ready, I go to get my flip flops....when I see that only one is in the corner I usually throw them in I look around that room for the other one. I had hidden it from gordo.....but forgot where I put it. I hate when I do that...which it way to often really.  


Anyway...I'm gonna go now. Gonna go do a load of dishes if mom hasn't already (she probably has cause I can hear her in the kitchen...and then go upstairs and start scraping and painting. fun!

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amy122389 said...

We've ALL been kinda wasted lately, huh?!  wonder what up with that...