Monday, May 2, 2005



You know, being a big sister is never a boring job. Sometimes I like it....being the oldest and everything. Sometime I don't, because really....after the 50th time of your little brother sticking a finger full of slobber in your ear, well it isn't that fun, but you put up with it because he is having fun, and you know he will be off to watch cartoon network in like 5 minutes.   


Well, in our family, the dogs are considered my brothers. ....I'm sure if dad would let us, the dogs would eat at the table with us (of course..I don't think I want that...cause they tend to drool a lot when they eat...not something I want to see while I'M trying to eat.)  


And I realized something yesterday....I am WAY out numbered. ::lets out huge sigh::  


So my friends. This is where all the funny brother stories come in.  


Adrian lost a tooth. It was so funny. Because Adrian bursts into the room at....sometime around 9 I think screaming


Me (still kinda sleeping): wow Adrian cool!

Him: YEA LOOK YOU WANNA SEE!!!! (this is where he picked up some of my hair to pull my head up so I could see...since I still had half my face buried into the pillow...I laughed at that)

Me: whoa, cool. did you pull it out?  

 I forgot what he said after that, but I remember me saying  

Me: Adrian...that's great that you lost your tooth...but can I go back to sleep



So then that night, my dad gave me 2 dollars and told me to put it under Adrian's pillow once he was sleeping since both my parents were really tired. And I'm always the last one in the family to fall asleep. So I said ok...and that night Adrian wouldn't go to sleep and I say to him...''Adrian, you better go to sleep soon or the tooth fairy wont come'' he goes 'ok' and is out within the next 4 minutes. So when I finally decide I'm ready for bed...I put the money under his pillow and go to sleep.  

the next morning  


Me: hey cool, how much did you get?

Him: 2 DOLLARS!!!  

Then he went off to tell everyone else. So that was cool. I got to be the tooth fairy. And how sweet is he...he used his 2 dollars to buy mom her mothers day gift. I still haven't gotten hers yet, I know what I'm getting though, I just need dad to take me to the store.  

 Alex is has it figured out where if he wants me to do something like make him lunch or take him outside on the trampoline, he will ask mom ''mom can Ryan make me a burrito'' and mom says ''hey Ryan, can you make your brother some food'' ....its kinda funny...he know that I wont say no to mom. Its annoying....but funny non the less.  

Now...for my other two little brothers. Paco and Gordo. When they play together...they are very loud...and in the morning....its no very pleasant. For the past 3 days...the first day...they were playing...and were really loud, there was no way I would be able to go back to I got up and was mad for about an hour. The next happened again....only thins time I sat up and yelled ''will you two shut it!!'' .....Paco got quiet....Gordo looked at me ''WHAT is wrong with her?''....which is when he made a flying leap onto my bed. (Yea. He is big enough to get on my bed now.) and when he did that I lay down on my stomach really fast and put the covers over my head. I knew what was coming. Paco jumped on my be at the same time. So now...they are playing in my bed....Paco kept stepping on me and Gordo kept jumping on me...and a few times he sat on my head. finally they got off my bed and went to play in the living room....when I thought it was safe I threw the covers off me and came and sat next to mom....who I could tell was trying not to laugh, cause I was already mad. Today...I didn't even say anything this morning....when Gordo jumped on my bed...I threw the covers over me...and he was jumping all over me and biting at me feet.  At one point he bit my nose.  

And really....people wonder why I'm not a morning person.  

 And finally....when I realized I was WAY out numbered. I had cleaned up the kitchen some....and there was bread on the counter that mom had left for the animals outside (squirrels and probably birds...). Because mom is like the animal lady....she feeds EVERY animal the comes around our house.....except for the occasional mean cat. So I went outside threw the bread and when I open the door. Guess who's there. No really, guess. Ok, i'll tell you. Alex. Adrian. Paco. Gordo. Yes. All of them looking up at me. Well except for Alex...he is almost taller than me. What did they want? They wanted outside.


  For one, it was hot and humid...and I realize that it is hot and humid here everyday, but I still didn't want to go outside that day. And second, no way am I gonna be chasing Gordo around...trying to make sure he didn't get into any ant piles or eat something he wasn't supposed to, while trying to make sure Paco didn't get into anything he wasn't supposed to, while trying to make sure that Alex didn't play with dads tools, and make sure Adrian stayed in the back yard. Um, I think not. Thankfully, mom took pity on me and told them not today. I love my mom.  


 Oh, and just and I finished typing ''Adrian stayed in the back yard''....the little booger came from behind my super quiet and yelled ''roar'' really loud.....yea I flew about an inch outta the seat.  


Anyway...that's what happened this past week.  Mom dyed her hair, well actually  she had dyed her hair black, but didn't like it (even though I told her she looked awesome and could pull off the Goth look if she said no though hee hee hee). But of course once you dye it that dark, you cant dye it back to red. So, mom had to strip the color out of it (I don't know what the stuff was called) and then she dyed it some type of looks cool though...cause it is like red but purple looking to. Now she could pull off the punk look. I told her that and she just shook her head and laughed.   

On Saturday my dad wasn't feeling to good. I felt bad for him cause he never gets sick...or he just is able to hide it really well.  


One other news......  


ITS MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


You are probably going 'Yes....and?'  


And in 28 days I will be 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


(well if you don't include today then the day my birthday is on)

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