Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Guess what I did. I joined a graphics group. Its an addiction I tell you!! First Blinkies and now graphics!!!!! So far its pretty cool, the people in it seem nice. And I actually met someone who didn't laugh at me for liking fall out boy (which a certain person ::points at Alaina:: likes to tease me about).  


On Saturday we worked around the house. I cleaned out our old kiddie pool for Gordo since he likes playing in the water. Gordo liked it (which is a good thing because if he didn't I would have been mad, all that work for nothing....). And we got some cute pictures. And then I started cleaning out the pool for the boys, Alex didn't help me but Adrian helped for a little while until he got bored and started making excuses and I told him he didn't have to, so I stayed out there for another half hour and just got tired of being wet (because Adrian got a hold of the water hose when I wasn't looking....you guys can probably guess what happens next.) and went inside. Then helped with dinner....that was pretty much it.      


Then on Sunday I got to go shopping for some shoes (well actually we were supposed to be looking for Adrian but I found and AWESOME pair of shoes, plus I messed up my old ones when I was helping dad paint.) And then I got to go to the book store. I found this book 'To Catch a Prince' by Gillian McKnight that I want to get, but I am going to just order it off the internet cause its cheaper that way. Then we went to old time pottery, the drive is kinda long but it is worth it. I got some awesome stuff for my room (pictures will be taken soon) and mom got some pretty stuff for the house.  


 Mom says the next time she goes to the store that she will get me some blue hair dye. I am gonna get the temporary stuff first and see if the blue streaks even look good, if the do then I'll get the permanent dye.  


Alright well I'm gonna go. I have to go hide my Chocolate Covered Raisins from my brothers, there are just some things I will not share! And then probably write to Scott.


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nathanzmomme said...

i am the leader in your moms group shay! just wanted to drop in say hey and tell you I LOVEEEEEEE FALLLL OUT BOYYY