Friday, July 22, 2005




So today I am watching TV and a commercial break comes on so I go into the front room where my parents are. I look out the window and see someone walking their dog and I say ''oh look!! That's a petty dog, wow its big though'' and I go to the other window so I can see it better and I say ''oh mom I want one!!!'' I look at mom and she raises her eyebrows. I wonder why and look back over to the dog...then get a good look at the person walking the dog...I roll my eyes and say '' no mom I don't mean him....I meant the dog!'' mom started to laugh. Although he wasn't to horrible to look at...and he couldn't have been older than 17.....hee hee.  


 I helped my dad with dinner today. It had been a while since I cooked anything that didn't come in a box. I kinda lost my interest in cooking after the pork chop incident......I think I might start trying to cook again though.  


I figured out what song it was that was stuck in my head FINALLY (after about 3 days)....Time to Waste from Alkaline Trio  


Well anyways...I'm gonna go and play with paint shop pro some far I have learned how to tag just plain graphics. I have to go ask my mom if she will send me some cooler fonts though because all the cool fonts are over on her computer.

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