Monday, July 4, 2005

Guess what.....I'm using my new computer. We got it about a week ago but my dad had to set up a bunch of programs and what not. The only part that kinda stinks is that now I don't have all my cool graphics so I have to save them on this computer now ....I guess that will give me something to do huh?  


 I ended up getting sick this past week ... I'm still sick but not as bad ......although today wasn't that great. I feel nauseous ...ANYWAYS...  


A few days ago we lost our electricity ... and would you like to know why? Because our neighbor refuses to cut down the 20 tress she has that are all tangled up in the power lines because it might cost her money. And a big tree branch fell onto the power line.  Yea....better she sets a house on fire because a tree branch falls on the power lines then to spend money to cut the trees (of course!! that would mean she would have to give up one of her what...14? vacations a year....i used to watch her cat when she would go on vacation). The best part? SHE HAD ELECTRICITY!!!! We had to suffer. We finally got our electricity back at around 3 or 4 in the morning. It is NOT fun not having AC during the summer in FL.  


Anyway other than that there isn't much going on


  On Sunday our neighbor (the nice one....not the tree lady) had me watch her dogs while she went to some family get together (i don't remember where it was...some beach)....she said she would pay me more than a dollar a day (Tree Lady used to have me watch her cat for a dollar a day.. she insisted that it was a great deal and i was lucky to be getting paid so much....although....not trying to sound greedy or spoiled or anything...but dealing with that cat...was worth more than a dollar a day...that cat was EVIL!! Every time I would go to feed her I would leave with a bite mark or a big scratch. ) Which I thought was funny. I told her sure...she offered to pay me 20 dollars....but I think that is kind a lot for just watching them one day (plus i LOVE her animals...well maybe not so much the birds...but her dogs are the sweetest. Annie, is blind but the sweetest thing ever....i like her the most because she reminds me of our old dog...she was blind too...she even had the same color fur as Annie. And Toby, he is comical...very protective over me). It was funny cause one time I had gone over there, and I was sitting on the floor with Annie one side and Toby on the other, and scratching both of their tummies, and they had almost fallen asleep.  


 And then we went shopping the other day. I got some awesome shirts. I got a happy bunny shirt, and then a really cool black shirt. And...believe it or not....i got a PINK shirt , Its long sleeved but really comfortable. Its kinda preppy...but maybe if I put it with some cool pants it wont be that bad. (not that being a prep is bad or anything...its just I try to avoid that style. I asked my mom what style I had....she says I'm more like hippie chick grunge. LOL....)  


Anyway I'm gonna go....I just thought I'd put in an entry to let ya know what been goin' on.....

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