Monday, June 27, 2005

I had no clue I  had so much STUFF. I don't see how I was able to fit all my junk in my old room.  


 I went to go upstairs and start getting my room set up. Because its been a few days and all my stuff was still in a big pile in the middle of the floor. Well I decided I should just go through everything and get rid of whatever I don't want ( I keep everything...I hardly ever throw anything away) anymore. Well I went through it once...look around and think ''well that was a crappy job...maybe I should go through it again.'' So I sort through all my stuff again....look around. ''nope still looks more time I guess''  Well the 3rd time of going through all the stuff in my room....I finally am some what happy with it. And there is a box filled with stuff I don't want anymore. So I guess I did a pretty good.    


That is about as exciting as it gets right now. Not much has happened.    


 I am in love. Again. I have decided that if the whole marrying Prince William thing doesn't work (ha ha) That I will just marry Tyson... From the All-American Rejects. Do I really need to say more? Plus I LOVE his voice.                                            










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kdwsunshine said...

You are not alone, I save everything too...I have so much stuff that I need to throw away.