Wednesday, June 22, 2005




I got another book I ordered from e-bay today...woo hoo. I still haven't read the first book I got from e-bay.  


 Guess what!!  


Go on...guess!!!  


Fine...I'll tell you....  


 I am almost done with the upstairs! I had finished painting it, but we used  the upstairs as just storage space before. So today I went thru everything and brought whatever didn't need to be in my room downstairs. Probably tomorrow I will start to make it look like an actual  room. Right now it just has all my stuff from my old room right in the middle of the floor. ....I didn't know I had so much junk, And I found a bunch of old paint brushes. My legs hurt from going up an down the stairs so much. But I'm really excited about it...its gonna look awesome.  


Its raining today. I like when it rains. And when there is a lot of lightning and thunder.  


Sorry the entries haven't been to interesting...nothing that interesting has happened here in a while.  


And now...for the newest embarrassing moment in my life (well now that you read is actually kinda funny)  


 Dad: You still want a computer?  


Me: um yea.  


Dad: What do you do when you get one the computer?  


Me: I dunno...usually i e-mail and talk to my friends. Or write in my other journals...i have a few web sites i visit every day. Why? 


Dad: then you dont go to any bad web sites?  


Me: DAD! NO!! I am scared enough to use the search as it is cause i don't want some bad web site coming up.  


 Me: Although i did see a rather ::ahem:: interesting picture of  this guy i know.  


Dad: (he didn't say anything...he just gave me this ''excuse me'' look)  



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