Tuesday, June 21, 2005



my mom says that I give new meaning to the family luck (the family luck is from my dads side of the family) .  


 The family luck isn't good luck. We are the kind of people that ''what can go wrong will go wrong'' . Not all the time but a lot of the time. So mixed with the family luck, and  also Having a mom and And Abuelita (my dads mom) Who are both kind of a spaz (no offence...I say it with love) it really isn't any wonder that it got passed down to me. Only I got double the amount of spaz  seeing as how it came from both sides of the family.  


 So...what this is getting at is....  


 Yesterday, I step on a piece of glass. I really wasn't that bad...it wasn't far in there or anything...I mean it stung  little after mom pulled it out (I was scared to do it myself) but that is about as bad as it got.  


AND then...today.. I am sitting down and I think to myself ''....I'm thirsty...I should get something to drink'' so I get up...go into the kitchen...everything is good. I go to open the fridge so I can get something to drink ...yes...well...outta know where a can of biscuits comes flying at me. Fell on my toe, so now I have this big cut on my foot. Who knew biscuits were so dangerous.

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