Thursday, August 25, 2005

                                                                                    (i love this graphic..)      


Really, as much as I am on the computer you would think I'd know more slang.   In the past few weeks everyone is saying to me ''lylas'' and I'm all ''uhhhh....suuure...if you say so'' But I had no clue what it meant. Finally I ask Laura and she says it means ''love ya like a sister''. Oh. I had no clue so many people loved me like a sister.  


 I am heart broken. Tyson has a girlfriend!!!!!! WHY TYSON WHY?!?!?!?!! Its a model though and that model-dates-rock star thing hardly ever works out (well actually I don't know that but that what I'm telling myself, it makes me feel better alright?!).  


So we are starting to work on the house again Mom went and tore down the fence (we had to replace it), it was kinda funny cause Alex said to her ''wow! you're the incredible hulk mom!!''. And then I am painting the bathroom. Actually that is what I should be doing right now instead of being on the computer, but I haven't been feeling good.  


Anyways...I'm gonna go, I have to send in themes for the graphics group. Yeah how cool am I lol, I get to be themes manager. I feel important hee hee.


astaryth said...

Your right, that's a GREAT graphic!

amy122389 said...

you feel important because you ARE important.  love you bunches...and don't worry about the bathroom...I'll help you.


tubnlittlekitty said...

Yes you're important...and you do an awesome job with themes.  My brain is too old to come up with anything new...LOL

rjet33 said...

You mean your Mom actually gives you some time on the computer (or maybe you are like us, you have more than one, lol)?