Sunday, August 28, 2005



Yesterday was my brothers (Alex) birthday.   We went to Chuck E. Cheese....  


Is it just me or have the 4 year olds gotten more of an attitude?  


My brothers had fun though. I pretty much sat at the table most of the time so they wouldn't come and try and clean it off, which I didn't mind because I don't really have that much fun there when there are so many people. normally I don't mind going to chuck e cheese but that's when we go on a Monday and all the screaming 6 year olds are at school (see ...being homeschooled is great!!).  


 It was kinda funny this time though, we ended up sitting next to this race car game that most of the little kids play. And there was this little kid who kept sitting at the table so he could see the game better, he did this like three times. I'm all 'hey there,nice to meet ya'' And then the last time Adrian had come back to the table for some pizza and mom and dad were with Alex, and the little boy sat at the table again, and all of the sudden The little boy looks back at Adrian, and they break out into a staring contest, but the look on Adrian's face was to funny was a mix between irritated  and ''don't you go near my pizza'' and then all of the sudden Adrian smiles and goes back to eating his pizza and the little boy turns around and starts watching the game again...I'm all ''ok...should I be scared? what was that?!''  


And then there was this group of punk? (I guess that's what you'd call them) kids that had come in, and I couldn't stop laughing because they have this whole ''I have issues, and am mad at the world'' cool personality that they are trying to pull off and then the game starts and there they are all jumping around and ''woo hoo'' and then once it stops they are back to being mad at the world.  


Then we came home for cake and presents..Alex got a lot of video games so he has been playing them all day. Its weird that Alex is 14 now, I still think of him as being 11. He's taller than me to!! I actually have to look up at him now!!! (I'm 5'8" I think).  


 Abuelito and abuelita called to tell Alex happy birthday, and they sang him happy birthday, they ALWAYS remember our birthdays. And they always call to sing us happy birthday. We all got to talk to them. They really are the coolest grandparents. Abuelito was saying how they might come down for Christmas if we aren't able to get there in time.  

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amy122389 said...

It's not just you.  4 yr olds DO have more attitude now.  I blame the parents.  :-P

Love you bunches!