Friday, September 2, 2005



I was having a not so great day. I wasn't feeling very good. I'm looking at myself thinking ''omg! that wasn't there yesterday'' having one of those ''I feel fat'' days. And my hair really wasn't helping. I washed it 3 different times and it still didn't look any better.  


And then I got online, and my friend Barbie was on...we don't really talk that often but she is a really good friend. One of those people who you can spend about an hour talking about your crush, and she will gasp and ''ohh'' and all the moments the deserve a gasp or an ''ohhh'' (like when the love of your life has a girlfriend lol). Or even though she may not be going through the best of days, but she can still give you pity if you are having a bad day. She is just a good friend.  


 So anyways, we are talking and I ask if I had ever sent her my journal. I'm bad at remembering that stuff, she said I never sent it so I did. And she says to me ''omg is that you?!?!'' (referring to my picture) and I say ''er...yeah...''. Of course thinking something was wrong with the picture because like I said I was having a bad day...and she says to me  


''You didn't tell me you were so pretty!!!''  


Huh? What? Are we looking at the same picture?  


Still, I thought it was really nice that she said that, it made me all ''yeah...ok...I'm not THAT bad..ya know...I guess I am pretty!'' Not like I am going around saying ''look at me I'm pretty'' or anything. But her saying that helped my self confidence.


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rjet33 said...

You are quite beautiful, Ryan.  Never doubt it.


P.S.  Your Mom read Carrie's journal, so I thought I would give her the same courtesy.  Carrie likes Happy Bunny too.  It is so her!!!!!