Sunday, September 18, 2005

                                                                         He looks thoughtful...ha ha  


Ok...has anyone seen the commercial for this new doll ''Amazing Amanda'' ?? That thing scares me , i don't like dolls as it is but that one is just creepy.It says ''Silly mommy cookies aren't for breakfast'' or ''i love you more than bunnies'', it says some other stuff also, in this high pitched creepy doll voice.  


 I'm heart broken. DID YOU KNOW PRINCE WILLIAM HAS A GIRLFRIEND?! ::cries:: First Tyson and now Prince William?!?!?!?! Who's next?!?!?!! That's it, i'm going to become an unmarried old lady with 27 cats (and a pig) who lives at the end of a dead end street where all the neighborhood kids make up stories about how if you go into her yard you never come back.  


 I'm going to go ask  if i can go to the book store soon.


astaryth said...

Pigs make the coolest pets! Believe it or not, they are really, really smart! You can teach them lots of tricks <LOL>

rjet33 said...

P.S. Again:  Hey!  I'm 46 years old and I think Prince William is a dream, lol.