Sunday, September 18, 2005

2 entrys in one day! I'm bored



this morning the dog (Gordo) had come and sat on top of me and started biting my arm until i was wide awake, once he noticed this he got up gave me a ''well i have done my job'' look and left. after i sat there staring at the ceiling thinking ''darn dog...i don't wanna wake up!!!! i'm closing the door tomorrow. lets see if he can wake me up then! that'll show him!!' i decide i may as well get up. I start going down the stairs and see that one of the shoes i left on the stairs is missing. I thought i had probably just left it downstairs. I get down the stairs, and walk past my parents room and see Gordo is in there....but no one else is. Which i though was weird cause he is always with someone.  So i turn around, go back into my parents room. And there, i find my other shoe. In Gordo's mouth. He is giving me this ''what shoe? i dont see a must be seeing things. OK OK i admit it! i took the shoe! it was calling my name i tell you!!'' look. I took the shoe from him, and gave him a dirty look. Just the day before he chewed one of my shoes that i use to work around the house in.  


And so starts the shoe chewing faze.  


 HIDE THE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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amy122389 said...

compared to Paco - this dog is an angel about the shoe thing.  Paco tore up...what...6 of my shoes?  ugh....