Monday, October 3, 2005


::cries:: why must everything be so difficult. All i want is a background thing of Sugarcult. The best band ever. to AAR that is. Actually I think I might like Sugarcult (sorry Tyson, but you just had to date that model didn't you! well see! I'm moving on! so there! ::sticks out tounge::) least this week anyway. But noooo....I cant find one. Why is that? Because everything has to be difficult that's why!


Would you like to know what I did yesterday? I cleaned the bath room. Not my bathroom either. All I have to say is you men are gross! Well ok not all men, but some of them. Shall I tell the story? Of course!  


It all started this morning when mom came upstairs as said ''Ryyann look what dad brought'' I open an eye and see dad brought home McDonalds for breakfast. That is the only thing I will willingly get up for. So I get out of bed and go downstairs and dad goes ''AHH she's alive!'' (I'm not a morning person) and I give him an evil look. So I eat my food, and dad says ''hey Ryan Ruth called, she said whenever you were awake to go over there and she would pay you for watching the animals'' me ''uh-huh'' dad ''she also said she wanted to know if you could help her clean the house in the back, something about it being dirty and there were bottles everywhere she said she pay you extra'' yeah that woke me up.Pay me extra? More money? Ok! I put on some work clothes and went over to her house, nobody answered so I went around back and over to the house in the back, they rent out the house to this guy, who doesn't really live there, he lives with his girlfriend cause she is sick. But whenever he is on this side of town he stays there, and he has his football parties there...the guy is a football freak. And he keeps all of his stuff over anyway's..I go over there and see about 4 bags of trash and think ''hmmm ok well I guess she doesn't need me to help then'' I knock on the door and she yells come in. I didn't really see much of the house but she started talking and said something along the lines of ''hey I was gonna ask you to help but your dad said it was your brothers birthday and so you are probably busy''  dad had said we weren't gonna do anything for his birthday till around 4(but then it rained so we are going to celebrate it tomorrow). so I say ''oh no its ok, we aren't going to the beach till around 3 or 4 so I can help for a little while''. The look of relief on her face was kinda funny...I'm thinking  'geez the house wasn't THAT bad!' and she says ''oh that's great ok!  well come in and I'll find you something to do how long can you stay?'' me ''um till about 1:30 or 2''. I go into the house and get the full tour. would you like to know what through my mind? 'omg...what's that its dirty...he LIVES here? time I agree to help clean a house I want to SEE the house first!....' all in about 5 seconds. So first we cleaned the bathroom.  It was...GROSS! I scrubbed the shower and she took the toilet. There was a lot of hair. And a lot of dirt. And we are talking but I'm only half paying attention because mostly I'm thinking ''eeeewwww'' and you know for me to say know it had to be bad, cause I'm a messy person. Ask my mom....I am telling you though, it is WAY easier to find the shirt you are looking for when everything is all over the floor! So anyway's I notice the grout is like a few different not very natural colors. So without thinking I ask ''um...was the tile white or is it supposed to be yellow?'' of course when I said it I realized what I said and thought 'you really need to work on keeping your mouth shut' but anyway she laughed and said ''well it was white when he moved in!'' and so we are still talking and she says ''geez, really can they at least TRY to pee in the toilet, look at that! its everywhere!'' I say ''eew gross!'' and then she had left to go get a broom and I fallowed her into the kitchen (hey I wasn't staying there would be my luck a roach would come flying at me...again...stop laughing mom) and would you like to know who was in the living room. Yeah the guy that lived there. I had to try really hard to laugh, he had to have been embarrassed.I felt bad for him. But she says ''hey,I had come over here to get something and saw there were ants everywhere so I decided to clean'' and the guy is all ''oh ants?! wow...well yeah thanks! I just came to get my football tickets''  she was all ''yeah this is the neighbor'' blah blah blah... then he left and Ruth was all ''omg you don't think he heard us did you?!'' me ''probably not the steam cleaner is really loud anyway'' then she went to go get the broom and I just stayed there giggling to myself.  So we finally finish the bathroom (this was around the time I wished I hadn't eaten breakfast) and stated in on another room. then another room. And finally we were on to the living room...I found a dead lizard...see even when they are dead they come for me! But we got halfway done with the living room, and she said ''are you thirsty have you eaten? there are some drinks in the fridge'' me ''ummm...well I am thirsty..but..uh I really don't trust the stuff in his fridge.'' and she cracks up laughing and says to go over to her house and there was some coke, and to bring her one to please cause she doesn't trust it either! So I said sure, and when I came back she was talking to her husband on the phone, he said he was sorry I had to see the place, which caused me to bust out laughing. I was sorry to! So anyway's, she says 'ok I gotta go cause Ryan has to leave at 2' and I hear her go ''WHAT? 2:30? OK I gotta go pay her so she can go home I'll call you back!'' in my head I am thinking ''THANK YOU GOD!''  so she pays me and as she is paying me she says ''oh I wanted to ask you! Do you think you could come over everyday and let the dogs out around lunch time? I'll pay you for it!'' me thinking 'more money?! woo hoo! and I love her dogs cool!' I say ''yeah sure!'' her ''REALLY?!  thank you! how much do you want me to pay you?'' me ''ummm...'' her ''tell ya what, go home and talk to your parents about it, I don't wanna short change you like that lady did'' (yes she knows about the dollar a day tree lady) me ''ok cool! bye!'' I practically ran home. and I don't run. ever. so I get home, and dad goes ''geez! I was getting worried'' and I laugh and say ''hold on..I need to wash my hands'' I washed my hand but that apparently wasn't enough lol so I took a quick shower and then told my parent the whole long story. They laughed and I told mom to NEVER doubt her house keeping skills because as it is now, our house is PERFECT! Well ok except for my room.  


So now, I get ten dollars a week to let the dogs out and playwith them for a little while. COOL! Although whatever happened to my first job being at a bookstore?!  


Um wow....ok so do you think this entry is long enough?  


I think I have ruled out maid/house keeper as a possible career choice.  


ladyc7869 said...

haha! lol, omg. That's kinda...disturbing. My room's always stayed dirty..but I don't think it's that bad after reading this entry... ;) and you are right about it being able to find things when it's all on the floor. See now my red belt is lost because my mom had to clean my room. I have no idea where anything is. o well.

t0xxicpinkbtchee said...

I hope that this isnt like weird for me to be commenting in here lol! but i hate cleaning i despise it, and men pshhh they are horrible my bathroom has to be perfect to and the whole leaving the toliet seat up ugh ud think after 22 years theyd know how to aim and all. BUt thats kool that u can take the dogs out get paid an enjoy it my first job at 15 was 5.15 an hour to take in dirrty army uniforms to clean them YUCK! ur lucky lol have a good day.

skttlsrnbw said...

That was I'm glad it didn't happen to me good. ;)