Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Happy late halloween!

So How was everyone's Halloween? I had fun, on Sunday we did the whole pumpkin carving thing. My brother got bored halfway thru (they got as far as making the outline on the pumpkin before they decided to didn't want to do it anymore.) So dad dad carved adrians pumpkin (a ghost) and i did mine (a haunted house) and alex's (a spider).  


  I am very proud of my haunted house lol!!!!      


 Then my brothers went trick-or-treating. And i got called my fathers wife. I forget what the guy said all i remember is all the parents laughing and me and the guys son (he was my age i guess) looking equally embarrassed. And then i got called Adrians mother 2 times. First we went on base but they ran outta candy fast and it was really confusing (cause they built new housing so nobody knows who lives where and what is what anymore) and then we went  to the rich neighborhood and got candy there lol, alex and my parents were tired so they hung out in the car while me and adrian went to all the houses. I got called the ''darth-sitter'' and then one lady went ''be sure to share that with your mother? sister?'' lol.    


But it was fun i guess. The trick-or-treating kinda sucked...next year i think we should just go to the rich peoples houses first.

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