Wednesday, November 9, 2005

I feel immature but i LOVE this always makes me laugh  





My paint shop pro is messed up  



 Nothing to write about but i figure i should say hi to my poor journal, its all alone!  


MAN!!!!! I just realized i missed TRL...there is only like 15 minutes of it left.. there was something on it that i wanted to see but i dont remember what it was...i dont like jay-z oh but hey they got Mike from LP on the phone...woo hoo! Now its on commercials  



Mike has the red hair...  


I like Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy..  


I love the show favorite was the one where the guy wanted to become a ballet dancer...he was cute  


oh its back on...HEY NO FAIR!!!!! they showed a whole ten seconds of Fall Out rude.


 That's it. I'm changing it.


  ok...i going to go. i was supposed to do dishes today but never did.  


Wasn't this interesting?



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ladyc7869 said...

lol, I love the graphic, it made me laugh :).