Wednesday, November 16, 2005

blah blah blah.....blah.



...i'm so tired ::whines::  

I actually woke up BEFORE 1 today. Scary.  


It isnt really interesting just got surgery to fix his hernia. That's about it. See, told you it wasn't interesting.  


Yesterday i had to paint a wall in the front room cause the paint got all scratched up...and this afternoon i come in and SOMEBODY (still haven't figured out who) left a big scratch on it. Again. I hate paint.  

And then  I painted the bathroom  this dark green color. It looks cool...I almost fell off the ladder a few times, I hate ladders also. Hopefully we will be done with the bathroom this week. I want to hurry up and get the house fixed so we can move!!!!!! I miss everybody over in texas!!!  


 My Loves!!!(Sugarcult)        


 I got a letter from Alaina today! woo hoo!! It made me laugh...currently we are fighting over Tyson...(curse his model girlfriend!) She says that i get him during the week, she gets weekends...yeah maybe you kinda gotta hear the whole joke to actually laugh huh?  


anyways i guess i'll go.

i've got nothing to write about...  



The lizards strike again!  

Yesterday i was outside trying to find the paint can opener thing, and i picked up this bucket to look inside it, and on the other side, looking RIGHT AT a lizard!!! I yelped (i never scream...its in between a yelp and a 'ay' ..) and threw the bucket...the lizard went flying...i dunno where it landed though. I hate lizards.




ok NOW i've got nothing to write about.  


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