Sunday, November 20, 2005



I'm bored so i thought i'd make an entry.  


Yesterday was...long. I worked most of the day, First i had to get on the roof and cut down some tree branches...did you know i have a slight fear of heights. I'm proud of myself, i didn't fall (and with my luck that's totally something i would do). It wasn't that bad was kinda funny getting onto the roof ...i just climbed out my bedroom window. I thought the windows opened more than they actually did...  


Then i painted the bathroom. And Almost fell off the ladder. Again. I got half of it done though, so the rest of it should be pretty easy (now that i said that something is going to go wrong). It looks good! Today me and dad went to home depot so i could get some more paint and some more rollers and stuff. SOOOO if all goes well, i will HOPEFULLY get rid of this project tomorrow and start in on the next one.  


Painting the house. Does anyone else notice a theme in my projects? Paint...we can rule out ever becoming a professional painter (even though i'm good at it...not to brag or anything. ). I think we have to sand the house and then we will be able to paint it. I'm not looking forward to that...hopefully it wont be that bad though. And if i ever wanna move its gotta get done!! Its kinda easy to block out the fact that all the work sucks once you get started on a project though so w/e.  


 ummmm lets see what else is new.....  


 Me and my mom went and got our hair cut and colored. I got my red streaks!! Well sort of.. now that i look at it, its more of a copper color...seriously i think of pennies wheni look at it!! lol but it still looks says we can just dye it again and make it more red. I think after red i'm gonna do purple....or maybe blue.


  OH!!!! I got to talk to Krissy the other day! She is my cousin, when we were little we were best friends, then for a while we didn't really talk. Her 15th birthday was yesterday, sadly we werent able to go to the quincenera but from what i hear it went great. I had called her to wish her a happy birthday, she said i sounded so much older, she sounded exactly the same though!! It was cool getting to talk to her.  


I guess i have talked enough for now...i'll probably be back tomorrow to complain about how tired i am from painting...wish me luck!      

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