Monday, February 20, 2006


 A real journal entry?? Why yes...I believe it is...  

Today I made tamales for one of dad friends who had asked..I did a lot of it myself, mom helped me with frying the chile pods cause I still dont know how to do that. My Abuelita would be proud hee hee  

He wanted chicken instead of pork...why chicken?? Whatever floats your boats i guess...  

Anyways i'm sitting there shredding the chicken and Adrian comes in and here is how our conversation went (completely serious)  

 Me : hey booger

Adrian :Hi Ryan

Me : whatchya doin?

Adrian : Nothin Alex wants to do a magic trick

Me : cool, well go watch him then

Adrian : Yeah...but i'm gonna need a knife

Me (thinking wth??) : Um, No?

Adrian : But RYAN!!!!

Me : NO! You like having 5 fingers don't you?!  

 then he walked off all mad...I couldn't help but laugh...a knife?! Oh ok, that's not dangerous.  

Then me and mom are sitting at the table making the tamales and i'm listening to Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends and i say to mom "Coco is funny, so is wilt..that's his name right?'' Mom ''Yeah I think its wilt....I like Eduardo though'' Then mom looks up and says ''ok, this conversation did soo not happen'' ha ha ha...though she is right, Eduardo is the coolest of them all...though what is he?? Is he a bull? That accent cracks me up...  

And a note to those who, like me, lose their common sense every now and then, If you have a cut on your tongue and then go and eat chile covered peanuts dripping with lime...its gonna kinda hurt. Just a little.  

 I have still yet to receive my Best Day Behind cd. ::cries:: They aren't very big yet, they haven't been signed to any labelyet (or I don't think so anyways.. I forget) But my uncle Jacob knows (i forget what he  plays....We are lucky i even know his know how long it took me to figure out the Lead singer in Fall Out Boy's name was Patrick?!) But their sound is cool so I bought the cd and I still haven't gotten it . I'll put their myspace link in here as soon as i find it, i had it but then i lost it.


No cool graphic today, cause i'm to lazy to do the imageshack thing


amy122389 said...

a knife.  seriously...what goes on in his head???!!?  ROFL


ashtonzmomme said...

wow knifes now .. how kids grow :) lol well good thing ur a responsiable sister  glad he kept all 5 fingers :) another successful day :) HEHE