Friday, February 17, 2006

Where did my CD go??? :(

I ordered a cd some time ago and still havent gotten it :(  

I've got nothing to write about...

i say that in every entry though dont i...  

 Well....i guess i'm gonna go read or something  

Wasn't this interesting??  

 If i put in a funny graphic will you forgive me for the crappy entry??  




Ok that's not a funny graphic i just like looking at him...sorry...  







there...3 funny graphics!!  


 Now i'm going to go.  


Bye bye  

later gator  


my old friend James hates when i say that, though i dont know why.... i'm really going to go.


(i love the edit entry button)

1 comment:

amy122389 said...

Shouldn't you be painting or something, kid?  ::giggle::